Faster, Easier, More Effective Than Other Methods




Faster, Easier, More Effective Than Other Methods

Minnesota Star Tribune Gold Winner

Breathe – Freedom from Nicotine has been voted Minnesota’s Best (#1 / Gold Award) treatment center in the Star Tribune reader’s choice competition.

Preferred One Member

Breathe Therapy is now IN-NETWORK for most PreferredOne health insurance members.

Mercer Labs Thought Leader

Breathe – Freedom from Nicotine is proud to be honored as one of five international Thought Leaders at the Mercer Healthcare Innovations Symposium – showcasing services promising major impact on the future of healthcare worldwide.

Breathe Therapy jump started my halting of the cigs. They set you up mentally and physically. I couldn’t have done it without them. Much love.

Paul Allen Voice of the Minnesota Vikings, KFAN & Canterbury Park


  • Our unique treatment addresses both the physical and psychological components of the habit
  • Pain Free low-intensity lasers help decrease the physical cravings
  • Easy and Effective behavior modification techniques help break the habit
  • Successful for chew, vape and nicotine gum/patch addictions, too


  • Quit quickly
  • No pain
  • No drugs and none of their side effects
  • Better health
  • More disposable income
  • Improved quality of life / Longer life
  • More time to do the things you want to do
  • Most clients report no appetite increase and little to no irritability

Why choose BREATHE - Freedom From Nicotine?

How We Compare

We are more successful because we effectively address both the cravings & habit.

For Chewers and Vape We Help

We help to break the nicotine addiction

On-site Corporate Programs

Reducing the number of staff who smoke can save your company time & money...

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What people say about us

“After 40 years of smoking, only Breathe Therapy® scored for me when nothing else would” Phillip Wise (The Philly Dawg) As heard on 92KQRS RADIO

“I Kicked Butts… And I’m not talking about the human kind!! February 3, 2016 at 3:00pm, I had my last cigarette EVER! ” Ashley Paige
As heard on BOB Country FM

“With Breathe Therapy there’s no pain, no drugs, no feeding the addiction with more Nicotine… it actually works” Terri Traen
As heard on 92KQRS RADIO

How we can help...

We offer the faster, easier, more effective way for you to quit and stay quit.

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