Thank You JA Counter!

Today we use our blog to congratulate and honor Linda Skoglund and all the great people at JA Counter Agency of New Richmond Wisconsin. Their commitment to their community and their strong desire to help people without concern of who is or is not a client, deserves recognition and our appreciation.

In early 2010 we at Breathe Freedom from Nicotine (at that time we were called “Breathe Laser”), had our first opportunity to help smokers and chewers in western Wisconsin, who no longer wanted to live life under the cloud of a nicotine addiction.

JA Counter, an insurance agency specializing in individual life, health, and disability insurance as well as employee benefit planning, had noticed some clients reporting they had recently quit tobacco. When asked how they had kicked this horrible habit, they heard repeatedly, “I went to Breathe Laser.”

This sparked enough interest to encourage them to call the Breathe Laser office in Minnetonka to learn about our unusual but effective tobacco cessation method. They were impressed and invited us to come to their office to give a presentation to a group of JA Counter staff and clients to find out if there would be interest in bringing our program to serve companies in the New Richmond area.

Happily, I can report, there was a lot of interest!

JA Counter offered us the use of their offices to set up shop for a couple of days and treat employees of their clients. The program was a huge success. So much so, they invited us back a second time…and then a third. Eventually they asked us to bring our program to the JA Counter offices on a quarterly basis. Additionally, they asked if Breathe could open the program up to anyone in the area who wanted to quit tobacco. Through their creativity and gracious hospitality, we have been able to do that.

Soon, our relationship with JA Counter will be crossing the 10-year mark. In that time, we have treated hundreds of people and can report that the majority have quit and stayed quit!

All of this thanks to a local insurance agency that thinks of itself, not just as a company in New Richmond, but as an important part of a thriving community; with friends and neighbors they genuinely care about.

Thank You JA Counter!

You have helped us to reach out to help so many more people, through your generous commitment of time, efforts, and hospitality there are several hundred people in western Wisconsin that have been able to quit tobacco because of your efforts.

We are honored to have been associated with you for the last 10 years and look forward to continuing our association in the future.

If you are interested in working with JA Counter, you can reach them at:

• JA Counter • 1477 S. Knowles Ave #250 • New Richmond, WI 54017 • 715-246-3811 •

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