Learn How to Quit Smoking with Breathe Therapy®

WHAT WE DO to help you Break Free from Nicotine

We help people quit smoking and stop chewing tobacco… far easier, quicker, and more effectively than other methods.

At Breathe Therapy®, we use drug-free and pain-free techniques that quickly and significantly reduce and eliminate the discomfort and frustration of common withdrawal symptoms associated with people trying to quit smoking, stop chewing tobacco or vaping. Learn more about Our Smoking Cessation Treatment

See how the success rate of Breathe Therapy® compares to other popular stop smoking treatments. 

Breathe Therapy has helped thousands of people, just like you! See how their testimonials on how their lives have been changed by using Breathe Therapy’s proven methods on quitting smoking! 

Quit Smoking with Breathe Therapy
Quit Smoking - Stop Chewing Tobacco

WHY IT WORKS to help you Quit Smoking

Breathe Therapy quickly helps you to break the habit and lose the nicotine cravings. We help stimulate your body’s production of its own natural mood-controlling chemicals — a process which has been replaced by the schedule that is triggered by your cigarette smoking. Our method helps to make it easier for you to manage your cravings – so that they don’t manage you. Read about Why Our Quit Smoking Method Works

WHAT TO EXPECT with Breathe Therapy

Our treatments to quit tobacco are pain-free and drug-free, with no significant safety risks. No needles, no hospital gowns — just you in a comfortable chair, while you relax in comfort for 60-90 minutes. Many people have found this the easiest way to quit smoking. View the success rate of Breathe Therapy compares with other quit smoking therapies. Learn What To Expect with Breathe Therapy


Everyday you smoke costs you more and more money. Breathe Therapy® is an inexpensive way to quit smoking, stop chewing tobacco, quit vaping, give up nicotine, AND save you money! For most of our customers, at less than $500, it is less than the cost of two or three months of smoking. Look at this cost calculator from the National Cancer Institute to see how much you will save! 


Have questions that aren’t answered here? Read our Frequently Asked Questions page and learn how to quit smoking today.


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