WHAT TO EXPECT- Breathe Therapy ® to Quit Smoking

Your initial appointment will take about an hour. We encourage you to set up even shorter follow-up treatments, at no additional charge, within 1-3 days after the first. (We are so confident in the program, and so committed to helping our clients succeed, that any follow-up therapy is available, if required, within 3 months of your initial treatment, at no additional cost .)

Most of the time, clients find the sessions extremely relaxing. Some people may feel slightly light-headed during the treatment, as it spurs the body to release its natural “feel-good” chemicals.
The first 48 hours after your initial session will be the toughest, as it takes that long for the chemicals in your body to reach optimum levels for the best results. Even during those first 48 hours, however, you will start to feel some changes: your cravings will come less frequently, they should be less intense, and they won’t last as long.
After 48 hours, your chances of success are greatly improved. And within about 21 days, your body will be back to releasing those mood-controlling chemicals in the proper amounts, the way it was before you started smoking — naturally.
Some clients experience a dry-mouth sensation after treatment. We encourage you to drink lots of water the first week, to help accelerate cleansing your body of the toxins left over from the years of smoking.
We also encourage you to be aware of your environment, and to try to change the things that often trigger your cravings to smoke. For example, if you typically have a cigarette with your morning coffee, try having a glass of water or juice first instead, and waiting an hour or more to have your coffee.

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