WHY IT WORKS- Quit Smoking with Laser Therapy

Before you began using tobacco, your body released natural chemicals (like endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine) to control your mood and comfort on its own time clock. When you smoke, your body registers it as trauma, triggering a manual release of those same chemicals. When smoking becomes a habit, the body starts relying on the nicotine and other toxins to stimulate that release, and shuts down its own normal schedule.
Laser therapy to quit smoking kick-starts your system into doing what it’s supposed to do on its own. The laser therapy stimulates your central nervous system, causing a sustained production of your body’s natural chemicals without the intervention of toxins. The release of these chemicals lasts between 30 and 45 days, helping your body through the period of readjustment to its normal functions.
This serves two purposes:
1. The pain and discomfort of withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking subside because the body has the chemicals it needs.
2. After approximately 21 days, your body should automatically time-release these chemicals again, just as it did before you began to smoke.
If you’ve ever tried to quit smoking cold turkey, it’s likely you’ve experienced painful and frustrating withdrawal symptoms. Because your body has come to rely on your smoking to signal its production of pain-killing and mood-controlling chemicals, the sudden interruption leaves you miserable until you smoke to feel good again.
Nicotine patches and gums are designed to cut your cravings over time by stepping down your addiction to the toxins in tobacco products. Step-down aids are less miserable than quitting cold turkey, but they keep nicotine in your body—and on your mind—for the entire time you’re trying to quit, and the process takes much more time and effort than laser therapy requires. Many people finally just give in and start smoking again because the process often takes so many months with other methods, like pills, patches, and gums – they just aren’t that effective.
Breathe Therapy® to quit smoking gives you the best of both approaches: it stops your intake of toxins immediately, while quickly easing your body through the adjustment back to its own self-reliance.
You should begin to see a decrease in the pain and discomfort of both the frequency and strength of your withdrawal symptoms almost immediately.

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