study shows chantix to be no better than patches for quitting tobacco

A study published in the “Journal of the American Medical Association” found there is little difference in the success tobacco users have had between patches, lozenges or taking Pfizer’s Chantix to quit. The 1,086 people trying to quit smoking were separated into 3 groups; one using nicotine patches alone, one...

so you wonder…will we ever run out of smokers/chewers to treat?

From time to time, we at Breathe - Freedom from Nicotine are asked, “Aren’t you afraid someday you will run out of customers?” Ultimately, I suppose that would be a good thing…maybe not for our business, but for everyone’s overall health; that would be a good thing. All of us...

Dr. Oz: Quit Smoking

Dr. Oz shares how Breathe Therapy is key to quitting smoking by helping clients physically and mentally with the necessary changes.


"We contacted [Breathe's clients] and 4 out 5 people kicked the habit"

Toni Walsh talks about quitting smoking in the Jordan Independent

“I feel like I conquered something that was bigger than myself."- Toni Walsh Last year Toni Walsh made a New Year's resolution she kept all year long. After 42 years of smoking, Walsh decided 2016 would be the year she would choose to be healthier and breathe more freely. Read...