The Cost of Smoking

It’s pretty common for people to smoke about a pack of cigarettes every day. When I smoked, it was Marlboro’s! If I were still smoking a pack a day today, that would easily come to over $60 per week or roughly $3,120 per year. I say roughly because knowing the...

Pete Bercich Testimonial

Pete Bercich Testimonial Click on the audio bar below to hear what Pete Bercich, Vikings Color Commentator and former player, has to say about his experience with Breathe – Freedom from Nicotine

Alex Burnett talks about quitting smoking with Breathe Theraphy

"Breathe - Freedom from Nicotine, I can honestly say, is a life saver.  Going into it I wasn't very optimistic about quitting, but after my first very simple and painless procedure with Breathe Therapy, I knew kicking my habit wasn’t going to take much effort. Thanks Breathe!"

Stephen Grasley Testimonial

For anyone looking to quit smoking look no further than Breathe Laser.  I was a pack a day smoker for almost 20 years and never thought it was going to be possible for me to quit.  I was at the point of accepting the fact I may smoke forever.  I...

Testimonial of Ashley Paige of BOB Country FM

I Kicked Butts… …And I’m not talking about the human kind!! February 3, 2016 at 3:00pm, I had my last cigarette EVER! I was a smoker for 15 YEARS, which is literally HALF my life being that I’m only 30 years old! I have an app keeping track on my...