Stephen Grasley Testimonial

For anyone looking to quit smoking look no further than Breathe Laser.  I was a pack a day smoker for almost 20 years and never thought it was going to be possible for me to quit.  I was at the point of accepting the fact I may smoke forever.  I tried a few times to quit in the past using the patch, e-cigs and the cold turkey approach and never went more than a few days.

I came in for 2 sessions of treatment back to back days and I have been smoke and nicotine free since then.  It was literally that easy.  They teach you how to adjust for the first few weeks and educate you on the laser treatment. Staff was helpful and pleasant to work with.  The treatment was easy and quite relaxing.   No side effects, no drugs and no withdraw.  I personally cannot believe I have quit and never have been so sure I am done for good.  My friends and family are in disbelief as well.  It paid for itself in 6 weeks from the money I would have spent on cigarettes. It is simple- IF YOU WANT TO QUIT SMOKING.  THIS IS THE WAY!

Stephen Grasley

Mariners Pitcher & 2 time All American


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