If you think Juul and vaping is safe, read on…

Based on what we have seen over the past few years, vaping appears to be more addictive and it creates significantly more harmful health effects on teens and adults. If a parent thought their child was vaping and asked our advice, we would consider telling them, their child would be better off smoking cigarettes than vape. See the below cautionary true tale:

18 year old high school wrestler, Adam Hergenreder of Warren Township High School in Gurnee Ill, began vaping at age16 using the popular Juul E-Cigarette.

According to Hergenreder, about 80% of the kids at his school are doing it. Like many, he started out with mint flavored, then experimented with others and soon was hooked.

According to his mother, Polly Hergenreder, her son was vaping an equivalent of 20-30 cigarettes a day. Eventually he also began vaping THC as well.

In August of 2019, Hergenreder said, “At first I felt tremors, super cold and I couldn’t control them,” he said. “The next day I started to throw up.”

After 3 days of vomiting and tremors, Adam was admitted to Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville Ill. At first health professionals thought he had flu but x-rays of his lungs showed something worse was happening.

According to Julie Aistairs, an Advanced Practice Oncology Nurse at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, Ill, who has worked with patients suffering from cancer developed from cigarette smoking, lung damage from vaping is different, as its water vapor that gets deeper into your tissue than when you smoke a cigarette.

Scars and cell death in air passages and in the lungs from vaping, looks similar to the damage from toxic chemicals like mustard gas used in WWI.

In November of 2019 the Center for Disease Control identified vitamin E acetate, present in most THC vape as one common denominator in Adam’s and other teen lung damage.

The Hergenreder family is pursuing a law suit against Juul Labs for practices of marking to children. Additionally, the federal government has pressured Juul to remove fruity flavored and mint flavored pods from the market.

While Adams wrestling days are over, he is now spending his time trying to discourage other teens from walking down the same path as him and using vape products.

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