Breathe Therapy Quit Smoking Reviews

Thousands of Breathe Therapy clients, including celebrities, all over the country are raving about how they quit smoking with Breathe! Scroll down to read all of the quit smoking reviews from Breathe Therapy clients! The list includes local radio hosts, singers, and professional athletes. 

Kat Perkins Quit Smoking Review

“Breathe … saved my life. I can breathe again! It really works if you are truly ready to quit.”

Kathy (Kat) Perkins Semifinalist on the Voice — 2014, Breathe Therapy client — 2010
Paul Allen Quit Smoking Testimonial
“Breathe Therapy jump started my halting of the cigs. They set you up mentally and physically. I couldn’t have done it without them. Much love.”

Paul Allen As heard on KFAN SPORTS RADIO

Quit smoking testimony Philly Dawg
“After 40 years of smoking, only Breathe Therapy® scored for me when nothing else would”
Phillip Wise (The Philly Dawg)
As heard on 92KQRS RADIO
Terri Allen Quit Smoking Review
“With Breathe Therapy there’s no pain, no drugs, no feeding the addiction with more Nicotine… it actually works”

Terri Traen As heard on 92KQRS RADIO

Dr Oz Quit Smoking Help

“Having Assistance with Quitting Smoking is the most Important thing…”

Dr. Oz

I’m doing great. It’s great to be smoke-free after thirty years. I didn’t think it was possible. THANK YOU, BREATHE . Kevin B.

I honestly wasn’t sure if I could quit smoking when my husband signed us up for Breathe Laser Therapy, or if I even wanted to. It’s been over 3 years and we have both been tobacco free! My husband even quit chewing. I realize now that it was the best decision we ever made. With the price of cigarettes these days how can you afford not to! Barbara H Mpls, MN

Fantastic experience. Simple and painless, uplifting. As others before me would say simply – THANK YOU! You saved another life today. It’s a new approach/outlook to never turn back. Julie V. Red Wing, MN

I tried to quit smoking in the past with no success. I never thought I could do it. It was easier than I thought it would be. Rick F. Clear Lake, MN

I was not 100% sure that I wanted to quit – only about 75%. And here I am quitting. I am becoming a walking commercial for Breathe. I am recommending it to everyone. I just warn them to be ready because you WILL quit smoking. Nancy S. Amery, WI

Dear Breathe, I chewed tobacco for over 18-years. I have tried quitting “cold turkey”, Chantix, The Patch, and Nicorette Gum. Nothing worked until I tried Breathe. The staff is awesome, the support/follow-up (if needed) is fantastic. Brett C. Osseo, MN

Hi, Someone called me a couple of weeks ago to remind me of my anniversary date for quitting smoking. Yes on May 14th 2012 I hit my 5 years of not smoking anymore and it is all because of BREATHE Therapy! Thank you so much! I feel so much better and am grateful every day! Thanks again Joy S Waconia, MN

I would like to thank Breathe Therapy for aiding me in my quitting smoking. I had smoked for 20 years and thought I would never be able to quit. I had a friend who was successful using Breathe Therapy so I thought I could at least try. I had only attempted to quit once prior and that was years ago. By using Breathe Therapy and following their helpful; hints I was able to quit. I have been smoke free for almost 6 months and have no desire to smoke. I a have not gained much weight, and am not effected by other smokers around me. I love freedom from smoking! Tina B Monticello, MN

Absolutely worked for me. Two weeks shy of 5 years smoke free. Thanks Breathe Therapy! Jennifer C.

Look into Breathe Therapy it works for chew as well as cigarettes I have been smoke free for 6 years they made it super easy to quit well worth the money. Dan V.

celebrity athlete quit smoking review
“It is simple- If you want to quit smoking. This is the way!”
Stephen Grasley
Mariners Pitcher & 2 time All American
celebrity quit smoking help

“I quit chewing with Breathe Therapy® and i personally verify that, IT WORKS!”  

Paul “Meatsauce”
Lambert As heard on KFAN
celebrity athlete quit chewing review

“Breathe – Freedom from Nicotine, I can honestly say, is a life saver.” 

Alex Burnett
MN Pitcher / Breathe client / Former chewer
“I saw a commercial for Breathe Therapy®, made an appointment, a few days later i was over my nicotine addiction, i’m not kidding.”

Bobbi Lindberg As heard on LOVE 105 FM

Minnesota Quit Smoking Help
“Don’t waste your time and money with those pills, patches and gums make you miserable and don’t work. I quit smoking with Breathe Therapy® and i can tell you IT WORKS!”

Pete Bercich MN Vikings & KFAN

Quit smoking help testimony
“Steve Carney here, outdoor writer, I’ve been telling you about Breathe Therapy® since i quit with Breathe over 5 years ago.”

Steve Carney As heard on WCCO 830

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