You can Quit with Breathe!

• Break the habit.
• Lose the cravings.

At Breathe Therapy®, we have helped more than 7,000 customers by quickly and significantly reducing and eliminating the symptoms of tobacco withdrawal.

• Faster • No Drugs
• Easier • Less Than $500
• More Effective • No Pain

Most clients report:

• Little or No Irritability
• Little or No Weight Gain
• Done in about 90 minutes

Works for chewing tobacco, e-Cigarettes, and Nicotine replacements too!

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How Breathe Therapy Compares

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* As reported in a KARE 11 News report

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Client Testimonials

"Breathe Therapy was the easiest treatment to quit smoking. I didn’t feel like smoking after only my second treatment. Well worth the cost! I have been a non smoker for the past 3 years. Awesome!!"

JoAnn H - Nelson, WI - 3/6/10

"I’ve tried everything under the sun to stop smoking. I went to Breathe Therapy and followed the directions they gave me. I have been smoke free for two years and 1 month don’t plan on going down that road again. I recommend it to everyone because I know that if I can be smoke free so can you."

Jeff T - Bloomington, MN - 4/8/2011

"Seems like a miracle to me… I tell everyone about it and how great it works!! Highly recommend to anyone having troubles kicking the habit."

Dawn D - Wyoming, MN - 11/05/2012

"My wife and I have been smoke free for 5 months now, and I can safely say that without Breathe Therapy it would have never been possible. It was great not having the intense cravings from quitting cold turkey. We are saving so much money; a vacation is now in order. Thanks Breathe it has turned out to be wonderful!"

Gary and Gail T - Ham Lake, MN - 12/18/2012

"I am doing AWESOME… I feel great… I can breathe easy. I have more energy. I sleep better. And the best part is I DON’T STINK!!"

Carrie S - New Germany, MN - 4/17/2013

"I can honestly say I was skeptical but now I can truly say if you’re ready to quit Breathe Therapy can help. It’s been 2 weeks and my cravings to smoke are almost gone. I feel so much better and love that I don’t smell like an ash tray. Thanks Breathe Therapy"

Sherry T - St Michael, MN - 9/21/13

"I believe this is the best product or process out there to help us with our addiction to nicotine! If you have the desire to change your LIFE, this really does work!!!"

John J - Eden Prairie, MN - 9/9/13

"While quitting smoking is a very difficult process that I have tried many time in the past, I feel that I finally found an “easy” way ! I have a craving once in awhile for a cigarette, but it passes quickly especially when I repeat my confirmation line. Most of the time I don’t even think of smoking! The staff is wonderful too!"

Mary - Minnetrista, MN - 3/26/14

"I recommend Breathe Therapy to anyone who wants to quit smoking. If I knew how easy it was with Breathe Therapy I would have quit smoking years ago. Breathe Therapy is pain free and easy with minimal effort on my part."

Allison H. - Hopkins, MN - 5/12/14

"I have smoked over 40 years and have tried to quit a number of times. This has been a very good experience and even though I still get cravings, I have maintained a smoke-free life. After 2 weeks, I never thought I could. Thank You Breathe Therapy!"

Kathy N. - Becker, MN - 7/9/14

"I chose the Breathe Therapy because it worked for a relative of mine. I went in with a positive attitude that it would only take one session. I felt relaxed and confident. It has been 2 1/1 weeks of no smoking on one session and I’m not even thinking about cigarettes anymore. This has been the easiest and painless method I’ve done. IT WORKS."

Renee C. - Northbranch, MN - 9/6/14

"I’m Amazed! I know I’m a quitter! I can’t believe how easy it was to quit smoking! Pain free- I’m so happy I called you all, My Son is happy too! Besides for my health, I’m quitting for my Son and my partner- He is a non-smoker-plus my house smells nice!! Best $499 I’ve ever spent."

Susan J. - Champlin. MN - 2/24/15

It saved my life

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Dr. Oz

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Paul Allen
"Breathe Therapy jump started my halting of the cigs. They set you up mentally and physically. I couldn't have done it without them. Much love."
— Paul Allen
Voice of the
Minnesota Vikings
KFAN & Canterbury Park
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"We contacted [Breathe's clients] and 4 out 5 people kicked the habit"
KARE 11 News
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"I got a round of applause yesterday when I presented the Breathe Therapy results to our Senior Management at the Benefits Steering Committee meeting. That has never happened before."
— Val C.
HR & Benefits Manager
Malt-O-Meal / Mom Brands

Mom Brands
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Twin Cities

Read the Twin Cities Business magazine article about Breathe Therapy

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Fox 9
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FOX9 News report on Breathe Therapy®
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"After 40 years of smoking, only Breathe Therapy® scored for me when nothing else would.”

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— Phillip Wise,
“The Philly Dawg” of the
KQ Morning
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