Q – what do you get when you mix smoking/vaping with COVID19? A – a whole lot more pain than you want

In a recent segment on WESH TV, Orlando Florida, Dr. Stephanie Haridopolos of the Florida Tobacco Advisory Council, discussed the hazards of smoking and vaping and the CORONA-19 virus.

It is already well documented that smoking is a health hazard, and a prime factor increasing the risk of heart disease and COPD. People who suffer from these illnesses have the largest risk of dying if they contract the virus.

Additionally, Dr. Haridopolos warned vaping brings its own dangers. Those who vape have a 95% increased chance of respiratory illness. Vapers are ingesting nicotine, tin, lead, nickel, and they experience a significantly higher inflammatory response from their body.

Haridopolos also reminds us that both smoking and vaping significantly decreases an individual’s immune system’s ability to protect them from diseases.

She notes we are told not to touch our face, as that increases an person’s chances of contracting COVID-19, but when smoking or vaping, our hands and fingers frequently touch the face and lips, increasing the likelihood of contracting the coronavirus.

Quitting smoking/vaping significantly increases the chance of surviving COVID-19.
Dr. Haridopolos has suggestions on how people in Florida can take advantage of the state’s available quit programs.

Fortunately, here in Minnesota, smokers and vapers can come to Breathe-Freedom from Nicotine to quit and increase their chances of avoiding the dangers of COVID-19 and surviving the disease.

For the full story, go to: https://www.wesh.com/article/doctors-talk-about-the-link-between-covid-19-and-smoking/32433997